Sromo House incentivizes Polish Diaspora to Rediscover Poland

My name is Miłosz Pierwoła, Esq., “Adventure Milo,” of the “Zodrogi” Pierwoła góral family in Sromowce Wyżne in the Pieniny Mountains of Podhale, Poland. I emigrated from my motherland to the United States in 1991 at the age of 8 years, and received my education from universities in seven countries around the world. In my 30s I chose to travel this planet, earning distinctions in international outdoor programs such as wilderness medical training and receiving mentorship from world-record holders and world champions. Ultimately, having achieved my own world records, I conceptualized and founded country-wide programs that used tourism to rehabilitate national identity through creating new rights and laws, new employment and careers, and novel international opportunities.

Sromo House is a Heritage Project in the heart of the Pieniny Mountains, the culmination of my life’s work preserving regional heritage and tradition of diverse communities across the planet. From Mt. Everest where I partnered with the Himalayan Stove Project which, that year received the 2017 Explorer’s Club Citation of Merit, to producing a $2M celebrity studded Fine Art Exhibition in Chelsea, NYC, to establishing a school in war-torn Iraq without support; the principles that proved themselves in the most technical, dangerous, or expensive places on the planet lay at the foundation of our work here in the Podhale region of Poland.

Tourism as a Tool for Shaping National Identity

In the destinations where I have worked, both government and the people recognize the value of tourism as a source of long-term national prosperity. Unfortunately, due to budgetary realities, government investment is often insufficient. However, the national and social desire for development in the tourism sector provides an opportunity for innovative community-based solutions. Where government opposition stood in the way before, we witnessed that our solutions were not only welcomed, they were encouraged. In addition, these solutions had the effect of compounding over time and continuing to produce results today, adopting and scaling to size and volume of tourism.

As a result of our direct efforts, an appreciable increase in positive media coverage shaped a newfound increase in favorable international perception. As an example, Kurdish Iraq is now a destination for many multinational mountain climbers.

Preliminary Sromo House Initiatives

Using principles gained from navigating these challenging cultural, economic, political, and environmental conditions, we shape our policy as we develop this Heritage Project. As ecologically sustainable renovation of our property progresses, we are already busy integrating into the regional community with appreciable results. The following is a short list of projects that have strengthened and modernized regional organizations;

  • Spływ Dunajcem – Flisacy
    • Created First Photography Directory Archive for Flisaks, including Official Flisak Membership Tableau
    • Produced 500 archival portraits of Flisaks
    • Produced Flisak Photography Exhibition
  • Sromo House Gallery of Regional Photography & Art
    • Hosted workshops, lectures, & classes that ranged from Website building to English lessons to business consulting
    • Produced multiple photography exhibitions that wove visual stories in line with regional history and lore designed to educate the audience
    • Gallery served as Tourist Information for non-Polish speaking visitors
    • Produced multiple photography books on regional themes
    • Highlighted local artists & materialized international collaborations
  • Scholastic Involvement
    • Presenting in local schools; #BecomeYourHero presentation is a lecture viewed by over 50,000 across 5 continents. The presentation is designed to inspire creative use of modern resources to establish local opportunities for business and employment, especially tourism-based.
    • Creating Heritage Incentives for regional knowledge; ex. hosting a photography contest in collaboration with the 25th annual Contest of Pieniny Knowledge.
    • Internships & other opportunities for regional youth, guiding curiosity to broad and diverse opportunities
  • Church & Religion
    • Document Heritage Events, produce film & photography
    • Produced Church Renovation Photography Exhibition, including memorializing event in materials including books and other memorabilia
    • Modernizing Church Website
  • OSP Sromowce Wyżne
    • Created Member Photography Archive
    • Filmed Memorial Videos for Exceptional Occasions
    • Modernized Website & Trained OSP Administrator
  • Koło Gospodyń Wiejskich & Similar Regional Clubs & Organizations
    • Collaborate & on Heritage Events such as Festyn, Winter Christmas Markets, and holidays
  • Restaurants & Hotels
    • Producing social-media specific content for regional restaurants for distribution to international consumers
    • Producing heritage galleries for tourists that highlight regional history & lore and promote regional flora and fauna knowledge
  • Preservation
    • Creating Portraits & performing interviews with elderly members of the community
    • Installing minimal infrastructure that promotes curiosity, knowledge, engagement, and respect.
  • “New Tech”
    • Speaking broadly, recognizing a regional trend with significant potential and creating the conditions for shaping development for international consumption
  • Non-profit & Humanitarian Causes
    • Organizing Clothing & Tool Donation Drive for Romania Children’s Shelter

Collaboration & Invitation Incentives

Presently, Sromo House is organizing regional information into an English-based user experience. Information is organized to make it as simple as possible for visitors to navigate this destination. Tourist confidence is grounded in comprehending and navigating local resources. As a result, providing fundamental cultural knowledge in a consumable form greatly increases integration and appreciation of the regional experience.

Regional events Sromo House produced included photography and technology workshops, as well as outdoor and indoor exhibitions and performances. As renovation on the property progresses, a broader range of events will be possible in-house; including a full range of workshops, trainings, visiting academics, lecturers, and other events that utilize regional heritage. The renovated exhibition space will feature two uninterrupted stories for large art and performances. However, we believe our strength will lie in the region’s natural beauty and cultural history. With that in mind, access to properties with incredible vistas opens the door for true dramatic experiences of our cultural heritage, presented by real regional representatives.

Focus on Polish Diaspora Youth

We believe the key to the future of national branding lays in Polish Diaspora youth. As evidenced by the largest franchises on earth, a sustainable culture of national pride shared across an international community depends on transferring that culture to the youth. As such, our work begins with producing content that appeals to parents who emigrated from Poland – heritage products for their children. Our focus is producing accurate historical and cultural heritage information in attractive modern products that are readily adopted in the modern world.